Foxcroft (Cortelyou Rd)
March 18, 2020
South Park, Sharon Woods (Brookmont Ave)
May 14, 2018
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This 2636 4 bedroom 3 bath ranch was built in 1964 and was extremely neglected.  Ross Sr. received a call from Laurens and Frank with Helen Adams Realty.  They had a client moving to Charlotte that was looking for a home to renovate in either Myers Park or Eastover.  After bringing Ross into a few homes, they settled on this home in Eastover.  Ross introduced them to Christopher Hensley and Sam Greeson with Meyer, Greeson, Paulin and Benson and the ball started rolling.  The permit was issued in the first week of April 2019 and the owners moved in the week before Christmas 6 weeks ahead of schedule.  The finished product is in excess of 5,000 square feet.  This home too was considered a “tear down”.  Conservatively, $400,000 was save by restoring the home instead of tearing it down and building new.